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Vaginal Balls Beads Plus



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Lelo s new Beads ? Plus balls feature a silicone connector and six weighted balls. Use them individually or combined with the silicone connector, they are an easy, effective and effortless way to optimize the training of the pelvic floor, being a discreet and totally safe alternative for the body. You will tone the vaginal walls and muscles of the pelvic floor with minimal effort with a greater variety of combinations, all of them health benefits. Experience extra control and intensify your climax regardless of your age or condition.

These balls are for women who seek to improve their feelings in intimate relationships and achieve longer and more intense orgasms. Lelo Beads ? Plus offers 44% more combinations to tone the pelvic floor. They are totally submersible and safe for the body, perfect for carrying out Kegel exercises and spicing up your romantic encounters.

Develop greater control and intensity of your orgasms with these vaginal balls. Use them in the preliminaries or during your relationships and tone your pelvic floor. With two extra 60g balls you can strengthen your muscles even more. With an extra-soft and biocompatible Premium silicone connector.

Our clients asked us to improve our range of Chinese balls. So at LELO Beads ?
Plus we have included two spheres of 60g each, for greater erotic versatility and combinations in Kegel exercises.


  • 6 balls with weights
  • Nylon cord
  • Longer and more intense orgasms
  • Greater variety of combinations for your routines
  • Extra-soft silicone
  • Materials: ABS and biocompatible silicone
  • Connector size: 89 x 35 x 16mm
  • Dial diameter: 35 mm

Ball weights:

  • Petal Pink: 2 x 28 g
  • Powder Blue: 2 x 37 g
  • Amethyst Purple: 2 x 60 g

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