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Tartarus Butt Anal Quadripolar Electro Estimulation



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The Tartarus is a quadripolar anal plug = instead of the one or two conductive areas usually found on electric toys, this plug has four.

The anal plug is designed for a wide range of anal play enthusiasts. It has a comfortable size for intermediate users, but the quadripolar layout can induce a feeling of fullness that will satisfy even the most experienced.

The body of the plug is divided into four separate conductive areas, each of which is controlled independently. This allows you to flexibly configure the connection and create new and unique sensations. Unlike bipolar insertion electrodes, the quad electrode will stimulate you around the entire anus to touch all nerve endings at once for a more comprehensive and dynamic experience.

Tartarus is made of soft and pliable conductive silicone. All ElectraStim cables are compatible with the plug, but the base has been specifically designed for use with 90-degree cables that fit seamlessly into the recessed base. With these cables, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the rounded base, allowing you to play comfortably even while seated. Cables are not included and must be purchased separately.

We recommend the SensaVox, Flux or AXIS sources for use with the Tartarus plug, but it can also be used with other premium dual-channel stimulators.


  • Overall length ? 11.2 cm
  • Insertable length ? 9 cm
  • Diameter ? 3.8 cm
  • Neck diameter ? 1.6 cm
  • Connector size ? 2 mm (x4)

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