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Masturbator Rolling Gyro Roller Cup



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Rolling Tenga is a highly ergonomic manual penis masturbator with a specially designed internal texture for heightened sensory stimulation. Its function can be either manual masturbation or complemented with the Vacuum Gyro Roller, an accessory that turns the masturbator into an automatic toy, providing sensations of suction and rotation.

This masturbator provides softness and comfort during use, incorporating raised textures for added stimulation. The entrance orifice consists of a soft, smooth pad that applies lubricant from the beginning of insertion, offering additional grip, minimal lubricant loss, and increased tightness. It’s a discreet, lightweight product easily transportable anywhere. It perfectly conforms to the hand’s anatomy to ensure a firm grip.

Its interior is made of TPE, very soft and slippery due to the lubricant it contains, enveloping the penis with stimulating textures. It incorporates a system called Air Hole, a hole that regulates air flow, providing a suction sensation.

The Rolling Gyro is known for being the perfect complement to the Vacuum Gyro Roller, an accessory that adds movement, suction, and rotation to the masturbator for a more comfortable and stimulating experience. It comes pre-lubricated with a gentle water-based lubricant and is intended for single use.


  • Can be used manually or complemented with Vacuum Gyro Roller.
  • Spiral-shaped interior with textures.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Air hole for regulating suction during movement.
  • Entrance consists of a soft, lubricated pad.
  • Discreet, lightweight, and portable.
  • Firm grip.
  • Interior made of TPE.
  • Intended for disposal after use.

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