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Kissable Body Paint Chocolate Flavor



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Edible body painting made with natural ingredients, enjoy your body to the fullest.

Ingredients: Glucose-fructose jaraje (52.3%), sugar (33%), cocoa in octopus (7%), water, modified starch:E-1422, thickener:E415,acidulant:E-330,gelling agent:E-440 ,natural colorant:E-150d, conservative. E-202 and natural aroma. EDIBLE CHOCOLATE PAINTING. MADE WITH 100% PURE COCOA. Ingredients: glucose-fructose syrup (52.3%), sugar (33%), cocoa powder (7%), water, modified starch: E-1422, thickener: E-415, acidifier: E-330, gelling agent : E-440, natural coloring.E-120 and E-163, preservative: E-202 and natural aroma.

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