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Boltek Anal Plug Disco Size M



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Afterdark is the perfect brand to safely and pleasurably enjoy the naughtiest pleasures.

Our lineup includes a series of high-quality anal plugs, designed with elegance, beauty, and eroticism in mind.

This one, in particular, is what we call a “disco plug,” and once you see it, you’ll understand why. Its rounded tip facilitates insertion for a comfortable and pleasurable experience. Additionally, at the back, a beautiful jewel adds an erotic and visually appealing touch as you explore the most pleasurable anal games.

When delving into the world of anal sex, remember to take it slow and give yourself the necessary time. Start with size S, and as you feel more comfortable, move on to size M, an intermediate size, before advancing to size L, the largest in our range. This gradual increase will allow you to explore a world of pleasure safely and comfortably.

It’s always important to clean your anal plugs before and after each use, and dry them with a clean cloth. For an optimal experience, use water-based lubricant. Visit Nanami to discover a wide range of options and find your favorite.


  • Size M
  • Rounded tip
  • Jewel base
  • Measurements: 8.2 cm x 3.3 cm

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